Monday, January 17, 2011

First Shot at In-Betweens

Here is my first shot that I've in-betweened and tied down so far.  It was really fun going back to the shots I've keyed and adding the clothes and making sure he's on model.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Updated Work Reel: Winter 2011

It's not perfect by any means, but this is my updated work reel for the beginning of the Winter 2011 semester.  It shows a few tweaks I've made to timing and the changes I've made to the last scene of the film.  There are also a few shots that have been cut for redundancy and time's sake. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Second Semester...FINAL Semester

So winter break wasn't the most productive time for my film, but I had some well needed relaxation and spent time with family so it was nice.  Now that school has started back up, I'm pushing to finish revisions on scene 3 (formerly scene 4).  Once the revisions are where I want them, I will finish the backgrounds that go with them and begin keys for that scene, and then on to in-betweens and tie downs.

I've updated my production schedule to reflect where everything is currently at.

The Passage of Shadow
Production Schedule

Things to Accomplish
1.10 – 1.16
Week 1
o   Finish revisions for Scene 4
o   Finish backgrounds/layouts for scene 4
1.17 – 1.23
Week 2
o   Keys for Scene 4
1.24 – 1.30
Week 3
o   Finish Keys for Scene 4
o   Begin In-betweens for Scene 3: Fight Shots
1.31 – 2.6
Week 4
o   In-between/Tie Down Scene 3: Fight Shots
o   Work on editing final sound effects/audio
2.7 – 2.13
Week 5
o   In-between/Tie Down Scene 3: Fight Shots
o   Work on editing final sound effects/audio
2.14 – 2.20
Week 6
o   In-between/Tie Down Scene 4
o   First Look at the Press Kit/Electronic Press Kit & Demo Reel
o   Finish final audio track
2.21- 2.27
(Mid Terms)
Week 7
o   In-between/Tie Down Scene 4
o   Phase 4B Presentation/Critiques
o   Work Reel w/ final sound edit
o   Production Blog/Book
o   Updated Production Schedule, Demo Reel, Web Presence
o   Press Kit/Electronic Press Kit (in progress)
2.28 – 3.6
Week 8
o   In-between/Tie Down Scene 2
o   Updated Resume/Cover Letter Due
3.7 – 3.13
Spring Break
o   In-Between/Tie Down Scene 2
o   Wrap up any remaining In-Betweens
3.14 – 3.20
Week 9
o   Clean up Scene 2

3.21 – 3.27
Week 10
o   Clean Up Scene 3
o   Demo Reel & Trailer Check-Up
3.28 – 4.3
Week 11
o   Clean Up Scene 3
4.4 – 4.10
Week 12
o   Clean Up Scene 4
o   Demo Reel & Trailer Rough Cuts Critique

4.11 – 4.17
Week 13
o   Begin compositing in After Effects
o   Demo Reel, Website & Trailer Check-Up
4.18 – 4.24
Week 14
o   Finish compositing and editing in After Effects
o   Finish Demo Reel Final Cut
o   Finish Production Blog Final Updates
o   Finish Press Kits
4.25 – 5.1
Week 15
o   Finish anything that needs to be finished!!!!!!!!
5.2 – 5.8
o   Final Review in Auditorium: Wednesday, May 4th at 9:00 am
o   Phase 4C Presentation/Critique
o   Present work to class
o   Production Book/Blog
o   Data disk containing thesis project (hi-res, full version)
o   Playable disc for presentation
o   Press Kit/Electronic Press Kit
o   Demo Reel & Written Components
o   Web Presence

o   Prepare materials/artwork for senior exhibition
5.9 – 5.14
Student Exhibition
o   Prepare for Senior Exhibition
o   Prepare for Graduation

After presentations today I will post the updated version of my work reel.