Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Character Designs


Welcome to my blog about my senior thesis film The Passage of Shadow. The film will be a traditionally animated short film. The story is based on me and my fiance's characters from Everquest 2, and online massively multilayer roleplaying game made by Sony Online Entertainment. It was through Everquest that I met and fell in love with my fiance.

The Passage of Shadow tells the story of Izumar Blacksoul, the prince of Stonehaven and his quest to find an ancient crystal that he believes is the key to saving the city from the evil plots of his father, the king. Along with the help of Korra and Desair, Izumar realizes that he has had the ability to defeat his father all along.

 As I move forward with the film, I will update my blog with concept art, backgrounds, and animation tests, and anything else interesting that I want to share.